The travelling anthropologist

I have heard powerful stories all over the world.

I have met amazing people all over the world.

At every turn, I have learnt about others, and about myself.

Someone else's everyday reality can be the most exciting narrative there is. Other people's struggles can help us get in touch with our own inner selves. And being someone who listens is one of the most important things in life.

My inner self? I'm filled with a love of places, culture, and people. And a love of stories.

I don't know if it is nature or nurture: I learnt to walk in Canada, my first memory is in South Africa at two years of age. I bounced around the world for 15 years for both work and pleasure. But I can get on with, connect, and relate to people from all backgrounds.

That means I can build bridges. I can give great advice. I can guide whoever might need guiding. My many years of cross-cultural communication have made me an expert in engagement - you are looking for personal brand transformation, or to find the story in what you do, I can help.

I am open, accepting, and embrace diversity. This is true in my work and private lives.

Of course, I don't know exactly where this started. But my background is eclectic. A childhood spent across several countries led me to a career in international development. A successful one.

In turn, this brought me to Jago. I co-founded the company in 2014 after realising how valuable my experience with entrepreneurs in emerging economies could be for business owners everywhere, especially when coupled with my anthropological background.

I wanted to be at home with my young family after years of adventure, but I still wanted to make a difference by helping people reach their potential.

That's what I do with Jago. I'm proud of it.

I have trained and practiced as an Anthropologist (study of human societies and cultures and their development). Our research methodology is ethnography, where we spend at least a year immersed in a particular culture as a participant observer. I have undertaken ethnographies amongst; Mahayana Buddhists, Shamans, Rastas and Nairobians.

I use my skills in Anthropology to facilitate leaders in understanding and developing their identity, to answer that age old question humans ask, 'who am I?".

I also draw upon emotional intelligence. Effective EQ is one of the key factors behind successful people.

As an EQ-i 2.0 qualified coach I assess, then support leaders to interpret and understand their EQ scores.

Then coach them to develop and manage their emotional intelligence to enhance their awareness, behaviour, performance and increase their social and emotional well being.

I concentrate on helping leaders reach their potential by mastering their reputation

Why is this needed? Often, personal brand positioning is off. You might know how to position your company, but do you know how to position yourself?

I can help. Together, we can sort through the noise, the clutter of who you are and what you love, and find essential insights. We will find the perfect brand position for you, personally.

This is achieved through personal development, strategy and storytelling. First, though, it is achieved through encouragement. Together, we will get you ready to put yourself out there and succeed by being your true self.

To talk about how I could help you or your business master your reputation using EQ, storytelling, and strategy, get in touch.




    Seeing patterns where others see complexity, helping people identify solutions and providing innovative and effective answers to complex problems.


    An electrifying communicator who excels at turning plain ideas into captivating narratives, gripping audiences with dynamic storytelling, wisdom, and inspiring dialogue.


    An inventive ideator, thriving on the energy of new ideas, and expert at transforming the mundane into novel and insightful solutions.



    Part of a team that formulated a billion dollar a year alternative funding model for the world's largest aid agency.

  • Co Founded Agency

    Jago is recognised as one of the most respected agencies in the UK, voted by other agency owners across the UK.


    Created resources and training programmes, including The Storyteller's World, to support frontline staff and volunteers to promote children's empowerment. The approach and tools have become globally mainstream and impact 10 million pieces of communication per annum.



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